Paritosh Sharma

VR Enthusiast

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About Me

I'm a highly motivated Computer Science Student with a great passion for Virtual Reality. I'm always looking for new things to learn, with Google as my teacher and Visual Studio as my notebook. Computer Games and their virtual worlds are my life, exploring new technologies and techniques, learning new frameworks and engines. My Motto in life is to "Push yourself, to success or failure" - give me something to fail at and I will make some success out of it.


Godot - Google Summer of Code

Student Developer

Gear VR and Daydream API Integration for Godot Engine.

Cusmat Technologies

VR Development Intern

Worked as a VR Developer intern on Unity game engine.

Gofodu Edutech

Content Development Intern

Worked as content developer for various competitive examinations.

Research Work

Design Aspects in Gamification of Online Portfolio

Sept 2018 - Present


Research focuses on discussing various game design techniques useful in gamified portfolio website development. Use of VR and AR in creating an interactive portfolio. Refer here for the sample project and here for updates in publication.


Gear VR and Daydream Integration

Implementing the Gear VR GDNative module and binding Google VR SDK to Godot core.

Galactic Cricket

A Batting prototype for Rift using Unity. Employs an interactive game world opposing laws of physics and cricket.

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